Windows 7 Migration

With the discontinuation of Windows XP support in April 2014 by Microsoft, many organizations are investigating the migration of their desktop OS to Windows 7.

The larger the organization, the more stakeholders the project will involve.  Application owners are typically the lines of business, while the operating system and underlying hardware are owned by IT.

The process of migrating from one desktop operating system to another can be a complex one.


How can AppRx help me accelerate my Windows 7 migration?

AppRx allows you to reduce the time it takes to identify the applications that require attention.  As a result, you can dramatically accelerate your Windows 7 migration project.



Inventory is a discovery phase.  You will need to identify all client applications that are candidates for migration and/or virtualization. AppRx can take in your inventory report in CSV format, which can be exported directly from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, and then identify the drivers, patches and other components, leaving you with a list of the applications you will need to rationalize and migrate.



Futurestate IT Windows 7 Compatibility





With your inventory list, AppRx will proceed to gather application currency information and present the information, in an easily understandable format.  AppRx allows you to use a funnel approach to maximize your Window 7 migration resources and reduce overall project timeline.

In order to help rationalize down your applications for testing, AppRx enables you to identify:

  • Duplicate versions and types of applications
  • Applications that can migrate ‘as is’
  • Applications that have an easy upgrade

This reduces the number of applications requiring analysis.


Application Rationalization



Analysis is one of the most time consuming steps in the Windows 7 migration process. Based on the reduced applications inventory, currency analysis can be performed to determine which Windows applications are certified to run ‘as is’ by the vendor and which applications have an upgrade path available that is certified by the vendor to run on Windows 7.  With the applications identified as upgradable, they can be removed from further analysis, and upgrade efforts can be scheduled.  This further reduces the pool of applications requiring deep compatibility testing.

Application Currency Analysis




The application compatibility module within AppRx can be used for the deep dive.  During this step, AppRx reports provide you with Red/Amber/Green status to help you understand the severity of the issue, and whether the applications are compatible with Windows 7, other applications running on the same machine, or 64-bit. Virtualization can sometimes be leveraged to address compatibility issues.

Application Compatibility Testing




Detailed compatibility reports provide you with the following:

  • Identify upgrade path for applications that are upgradeable
  • Identify files required to perform any repackaging
  • Identify applications that can be virtualized without any redevelopment
  • Identify applications that require redevelopment, replacement, or need to be retired

With this information, you have a complete picture of your remediation scope, and can generate a detailed plan to complete the Windows 7 migration project efficiently.


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