Accelerate Windows 7/8 Migration (Video)

SaaS based AppRx automates application rationalization, analysis and testing to accelerate Windows 7/8 migrations, reducing time and cost of migration projects. Learn more

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Ongoing Application Rationalization (Video)

AppRx, the leading SaaS Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management solution. Available via the web, AppRx provides automated application rationalization, analysis and testing to accelerate migrations to Windows 7/8 and manage ongoing portfolio health. As a SaaS solution, customers can be up and running in a couple hours. Learn more about application portfolio...

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AppRx – Part 3 – Compatibility Analysis (Video)

Welcome to a demonstration of AppRx Application Compatibility Testing in the cloud. This video, the last in a three part series, will demonstrate how the AppRx SaaS solution can dramatically accelerate application testing. No hardware or software installation is required. Just upload and test. For a demonstration of how AppRx can Cleanse and Rationalize large application inventories or provide empirical analysis to trim portfolios and fast track apps to Windows 7, please see the first two videos in this series. Let’s begin with the App Compatibility Testing demonstration: Application...

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AppRx – Part 2 – Currency Analysis (Video)

Welcome to a demonstration of AppRx SaaS-based Application Currency Analysis. This video, the second in a three part series, will demonstrate how Application Currency Analysis can help rationalize a portfolio and fast track applications to Windows 7 or 8 — reducing the scope of applications that require deep compatibility testing by 50% or more. Complimentary reports: Download Reduce the scope of applications for Windows 7/8 migration Download  Application test strategies for Windows 7 and...

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AppRx – Part 1 – Cleanse and Rationalize (Video)

Welcome to the first video of a 3 part series outlining key solutions that AppRx provides. This video will illustrate how AppRx can cleanse an SCCM or other desktop deployment inventory report, normalize the application data, identify redundancies in the portfolio and provide a comprehensive, centralized repository for application data. Complimentary reports: Download Building the business case to tackle application bloat Download Application rationalization management survey...

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