Continuous Application Management

2-Step process to help you manage your application portfolio

Get Current: Currency Analysis is used as part of a Windows 7 application testing program to determine which Windows applications are certified to run ‘as is’ by the vendor and which applications have an upgrade available that is certified by the vendor to run on Windows 7. This analysis reduces the pool of applications that require deep compatibility testing


Stay Current: Currency Monitoring is used by organizations to ensure they keep their applications (Windows, Web, Linux, Unix, Firmware, etc.) up to date and supported beyond the Windows 7 migration to reduce risk of application failure/expiry and be more adaptive to ongoing changes in the IT environment.



AppRx is a SaaS-based Application Management platform that automates the assessment, monitoring, and testing of corporate applications to ensure they are current, compatible and compliant.


Get and Keep Applications Current

Get and keep applications within your organization current by perform ongoing monitoring of application updates.

Understand the current state of your applications, such as application version, age, support, platform, and vendor certification.  When new releases of applications become available, you can determine migration paths to keep your applications current.

Application Currency Analysis




Ensure Applications are Compatible with OS

Our currency and application compatibility module allow you to quickly and easily determine if your applications are compatible with any targeted OS or service pack updates.  This means determining whether or not your applications are compatible with Windows 7, Server 2008, IE 8/9, any service packs or upgrades.

You also have the option of directly testing for App-V or XenApp virtualization platforms for virtualization projects or non-OS compatible applications.

Application Compatibility Testing




Be Compliant to Reduce Business Risk

IT Managers using AppRx can track support status and set alerts for when applications expire.

This dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of application portfolio management, and ensures the applications are compliant based on company policy.  For example, all applications cannot be x number of versions behind (N-) most current version available.

Compliance Monitoring

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