Find the long lost treasure at MMS 2012, April 16-20

Avast ye! All aboard yer sea rovers tah find the lost treasure at MMS 2012! Get yer map by visitin’ vessels 126/128 or at (yer, Jim Lad; pirates ‘ave websites too!) The long lost $$$ Amazon vouchers & Microsoft Kinect awaits ye. There’ll also be some Dunkin’ Donuts vouchers for the fastest returning buccaneers (for yer scurvy!) – jus’ simply visit our vessels and beat us at a game o’ pirate blackjack. But there’ll be no hornswagglin’, Bilge Rat! The more scavengers, the greater the treasure, so tell yer shipmates tah come along. An’ in...

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Nov. 29 & 30, 2011: Futurestate IT at Microsoft TechDays Montreal

Come and visit us at Microsoft TechDays (booth 100A) in Montreal on November 29 & 30th.  We’ll demo live our latest version of AppRx.

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