Zero day attacks

A zero day exploit is basically an attack on code vulnerability on the same day that it has been found. There is a short window of time that occurs between when a security issue has been discovered in application or operating system code, and the time when that system gets a patch or other solution to address the problem. This time is when an affected system is most vulnerable. Application vendors and operating system providers will actively respond to these threats and fix them, probably before you even know that a threat existed. It is that window of time when a system is most vulnerable to...

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Virtualizing applications is an option

In a perfect world, everything that you have running in your XP environment could be dropped into your new desktop environment and it would run like a top. The reality, as we all know, is that this simply isn’t true. Sure, we can do our best to reduce the number of apps that we need to migrate through rationalization, but there are usually some core applications that can’t be upgraded or deployed as-is for whatever reason. I have spoken with some customers recently who were in this boat and as such were in need of a temporary fix for this problem. Depending on the situation that you are...

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Involving the business in your Windows 7 migration

Last week I sat down with a customer who recently completed their Windows 7 Migration to discuss what worked well for them. In their case, they had close to 400 applications that needed to be migrated. One of their primary concerns was getting cooperation from each of the lines of business. In an effort to assist the business units as much as possible and keep them from being a bottleneck during the migration process, they decided to provide each with as much information on their portfolio as possible. The IT group would then ask them to make their rationalization decisions based in part...

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Is change on the way?

Looking at Windows Blue I was reading an article on Windows “Blue” today, and there was an interesting side note to it. Positive changes to the way Microsoft develops and releases operating systems may be a reality starting with Windows 8 (or least that opportunity exists). From the information that is available now, it seems that this upgrade/add-on to Windows 8 will incorporate some significant modifications to that operating system. One analyst feels that Microsoft may be leaning toward changing their operating system development cycle by increasing the changes and release schedule....

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Windows 7 Migration Woes

The folks over at VMware have released some survey data that sheds some light on the more prevalent downsides of Windows XP to 7 migrations. The number of companies that have not migrated yet is not surprising, nor is that what caught my eye. What is interesting is that the level of grief experienced by staff that only used free migration tools is much higher than those who made use of specialized tools that were purchased to help them along. The blog states “…Companies that purchased new tools to help with the migration experienced over 50% fewer challenges than those using free tools...

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Are you aware of your application security vulnerabilities?

A few years ago I brought my car in for service at the dealership. While I was there, the service advisor told me that there was an outstanding recall on the car. It was discovered that the lock mechanism was easily defeated using a flathead screwdriver, making the car an easy target for thieves. As the car owner, nobody bothered to let me know that there was a recall on the car until I got to the dealership, but it seemed that the word was out on the street a long time ago. Manufacturers are not obligated to let you know about recalls if the issue does not pertain to a safety issue. We’ve...

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