Benefits of SaaS

AppRx is a SaaS-based Application Management platform that can get you to Windows 7 and beyond.  Organizations that use AppRx can enjoy:

  • Lower Cost No software install, maintenance, support or infrastructure.  Automation reduces manual resource costs.
  • Quicker Deployment You can be set up and ready to test in minutes.  The solution accelerates your migration projects.
  • Increased Collaboration Web platform allows the solution to be used by multiple project stakeholders across the organization world-wide vs. one physical lab / test centre.
  • Easier to Use Browser-based user interface is intuitive.  No training is required.  Business and application owners can navigate with ease.
  • Scalable Our cloud infrastructure leverages an IaaS platform, allowing for infinite scalability and quick processing time.  There are no bottlenecks in order for you to receive your detailed reports.
  • Geo-specific Hosting The geo-specific hosting ensures that data is kept in the country, and compliant with the U.S. Patriot Act.
  • Secure Access Data is stored in 256-bit AES, and customer account information is encrypted before insertion into the database.
  • On Demand The solution is self-serve, and available for use as needed.
  • Ongoing Benefits This is not just a point-in-time solution.  The organization can enjoy ongoing operational benefits.


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