Zero day attacks

A zero day exploit is basically an attack on code vulnerability on the same day that it has been found. There is a short window of time that occurs between when a security issue has been discovered in application or operating system code, and the time when that system gets a patch or other solution to address the problem. This time is when an affected system is most vulnerable. Application vendors and operating system providers will actively respond to these threats and fix them, probably before you even know that a threat existed. It is that window of time when a system is most vulnerable to...

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Virtualizing applications is an option

In a perfect world, everything that you have running in your XP environment could be dropped into your new desktop environment and it would run like a top. The reality, as we all know, is that this simply isn’t true. Sure, we can do our best to reduce the number of apps that we need to migrate through rationalization, but there are usually some core applications that can’t be upgraded or deployed as-is for whatever reason. I have spoken with some customers recently who were in this boat and as such were in need of a temporary fix for this problem. Depending on the situation that you are...

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4 Keys to Implementing an Application Rationalization Practice

 The implementation of a successful application rationalization practice requires that a governance program be put in place that is comprised of:                        1. People: Create a cross line-of-business governance body 2. Policies:  Set standards that define an application compliance and rationalization strategy 3. Processes: Workflows to rationalize the existing inventory and handle change events 4. Technology: Automate application rationalization to avoid spreadsheet chaos Download the report First Name * ...

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Futurestate IT Helps Parks Canada Accelerate Windows 7 Migration with AppRx

Parks Canada uses AppRx to reduce the number of applications in their portfolio through application rationalization; reducing overall Windows 7 migration time and cost. Toronto, Canada – June 27, 2013 - Futurestate IT, provider of AppRx, a SaaS based Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management solution, is pleased to announce that Parks Canada has turned to AppRx to accelerate their Windows 7 migration. Utilizing AppRx, Parks Canada was able to rationalize their portfolio to trim down the number of applications for testing and remediation, reducing duration and cost of the...

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Application Rationalization & Migration Case Study

Parks Canada   Application rationalization is a critical first step in a Windows 7 migration. Key rationalization criteria include application redundancy, health and usage. By rationalizing your applications you can reduce the scope, time and cost of a migration project. Download the case study and read how Parks Canada used AppRx, a SaaS solution for application rationalization and compatibility testing, to accelerate their migration project.   Download the Case Study First Name * Last Name * ...

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