AppRx Overview

AppRx Overview

With AppRx, you can simplify your application management process, optimize the number of applications you need to administer, and dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with keeping your applications always current. At each step, the number of applications requiring attention is reduced, allowing you to dramatically reduce the efforts required to identify application compatibility information by using the funnel approach. By using this approach, you will be able to keep your application portfolio current, compatible, and compliant.

Simplified Application Management Process

What do I rationalize?

Knowing the exact inventory in your application portfolio is the first step towards managing your applications effectively. Futurestate IT’s AppRx leverages the power of Microsoft System Center, allowing users to utilize the data from SCCM to review their application inventory and start on the path of ongoing application management and risk mitigation.

Our rationalization module helps you pinpoint multiple versions of applications as well as different applications that perform the same functions.

Through this process, you can minimize the number of applications you need to maintain, and optimize your application portfolio list going forward.


How compatible am I?

Knowing which applications are upgradable means you can concentrate your efforts on the ones you don’t know.

Our compatibility module allows you to quickly and easily determine if your applications are compatible with any targeted OS or service pack updates.

You can determine whether or not your applications are compatible with Windows 7, Server 2008, IE 8/9, and any service packs or upgrades.


When do I virtualize?

In some cases, there is no OS-compatible upgrade path available from the software vendor.

For this scenario, you need to look into virtualizing the application.

AppRx gives you the option of directly testing for App-V or XenApp virtualization platforms for virtualization projects.

Any applications remaining need to be redeveloped, replaced, or retired.


Why do I need to keep current?

By keeping all your applications current, you are extending the health of your application portfolio. You can dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk of application management, and ensure the applications are compliant based on company policy.

You can use AppRx to track support status and set alerts for when applications expire.


Are my applications compliant?

AppRx provides you with proactive alerts on applications that are about to fall out of date.

If your company compliance policy states that all applications cannot be x number of versions behind (N-) latest version available, you can pinpoint the ones that are non-compliant and take corrective actions. Being compliant means you can focus your attention on adding value.


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