AppRx Application Currency Analysis


AppRx Application Currency Features

AppRx Application Currency module includes:

  • Analysis of specific application version to determine supported OS platforms and support expiry date
  • Identification of most recent version available including the supported OS platforms for that upgrade
  • Indication if the application is upgradeable to the latest version or if interim updates are required
  • Determination of ‘Age’ of client application vs. latest release – i.e. N-#
  • Ongoing monitoring of application to identify if:
    • New upgrades are released
    • Support is ending
    • Application is falling further out of date and becoming higher risk
    • (Application currency details are updated monthly)


AppRx Application Currency Reports

A variety of reports are available to mine the Application Currency data including:

  • Inventory report (List of applications by manufacturer)
  • Rationalization report (List of application versions by application name)
  • Compatibility report (List of applications categorized by compatibility with target OS ‘as is’ or via vendor upgrade)
  • Currency Compliance report (List of applications by risk level based on # versions out of date)
  • OS Platform report (List of applications certified to run ‘as is’ on desktop and server OS)

These reports can be output as PDF files. The data is also available for export via a CSV file.


Sample Reports


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