Application Rationalization


Why Rationalize?

Application portfolios have suffered from a lack of attention by many organizations since as far back as Y2K – the last major landmark IT change event for applications. This is due, in part, to tighter IT budgets over the last decade, and growing demand by the business for new functionality which has forced many organizations to focus their efforts on supporting the business at the expense of IT maintenance. Furthermore, as organizations continue to add new applications, and application vendors continue to upgrade to keep in step with the newest operating systems, IT departments are faced with serious application sprawl and a growing backlog of out-of-date and often unsupported applications.

With the expiration of XP in April 2014 and Windows Server 2003 in July 2015, IT departments must now take on a deep examination of their application portfolio to determine if, and how, they can migrate to these new platforms. As they do, they are realizing the need to implement new processes to ensure that application portfolio health is maintained on an ongoing basis to avoid costly, wholesale portfolio migration projects in the future.

The first critical step in addressing the portfolio is to rationalize the applications portfolio. By rationalizing the portfolio, IT can identify unused, redundant and out of date applications and trim down the portfolio through application elimination, consolidation and modernization



How AppRx can help?

Application rationalization is a critical initial step for migrating applications to Windows 7. In fact, many organizations find that inventory and rationalization is one of the biggest challenges in a desktop migration.

With AppRx automated application rationalization, organizations are able to rapidly trim down the scope of applications that require testing and remediation for Windows 7.

In addition to application elimination, AppRx helps identify which applications are supported by the vendor on Windows 7 ‘as is’ or which have a supported upgrade available and can be ‘fast-tracked’ for Windows 7 – thus reducing the effort, cost and timelines associated with application research, testing and remediation.



Ongoing Rationalization

A critical rationalization event, such as migrating to Windows 7, may be just what is needed for organizations to appreciate the importance of establishing application portfolio rationalization as an ongoing, business as usual process.

AppRx provides a SaaS-based monitoring service that provides organizations with an on-demand view of their application portfolio health status at any time, and the intelligent insight required to continuously rationalize and manage applications.

As an established, ongoing practice, application rationalization can simplify IT operation, reduce application management cost and mitigate overall portfolio risk.

Features and Functions


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