Application Rationalization Savings Calculator

Application bloat, sprawl and decay. We can’t see it, but we know it’s there. And, we know it drives huge operational costs, impedes our ability to adapt to new technology platforms, causes downtime and hinders business productivity. According to a survey by Harris Interactive, 82% of organizations polled said that monetary losses due to sprawled, unused, unresponsive or crashed applications cost their business anywhere from $10 thousand – $20 million per year.

How much will an application rationalization initiative save you?

Simply input the number of employees in your organization and find out.

Annual software costs:

$4000 is average ("Gartner Key Metrics", 2011)
("Gartner Key Metrics", 2011)

Cost per application:

1 app/10 users (Gartner "Understanding the Real Cost of Migrating to Windows 7", 2010)

Portfolio Rationalization:

(as a percent)
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We understand that the amount IT spend per user varies widely depending on the industry, and we have opted to conservatively use $4000 per user as our bench mark. If you know what your average IT software spend is per user, you may override this value and get a more accurate result.

We have also  used  an average application portfolio reduction of 20% as per our 2012 Application Rationalization Survey Results. A vast majority of IT professionals indicated that they can reduce the size of the portfolio by at least 20%. If you feel that your portfolio reduction will be smaller or greater, you may override this number and get a more accurate result.


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