Application Compliance

Application compliance is the process that determines if each application within the application portfolio meets the compliance policy set by the organization.


Why do we need Application Compliance?

Internal compliance policies typically correspond to external certification requirements (ISO, HIPPA, COBIT).  In order to obtain or retain the external certifications, adhering to internal policies is essential.

When your application portfolio does not meet compliance policies, you face possible security breach, costly maintenance due to custom extended support, and the potential of discontinued certification.

The risks of non-compliant applications for IT departments include:

  • Running unsupported software
  • Inability to embrace new technology (such as Windows 7)
  • Potential application failure
  • Diminished productivity due to downtime
  • Loss of competitive edge


How can AppRx Application Compliance help you?


Futurestate’s AppRx platform can assist in maintaining a current risk assessment of the corporate Application Portfolio.  By setting thresholds on a series of factors, organization can quickly assess their current compliance to those thresholds and also get an ongoing picture of applications that are soon to be out of compliance.

Setting these factors and proactively managing to reduce the risk of the overall portfolio is proving to save organizations on licensing, support and maintenance costs within their IT operations.


Features and Functions



Detailed reports identify which applications are supported and which need further testing.








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