Virtualizing applications is an option

In a perfect world, everything that you have running in your XP environment could be dropped into your new desktop environment and it would run like a top. The reality, as we all know, is that this simply isn’t true. Sure, we can do our best to reduce the number of apps that we need to migrate through rationalization, but there are usually some core applications that can’t be upgraded or deployed as-is for whatever reason. I have spoken with some customers recently who were in this boat and as such were in need of a temporary fix for this problem. Depending on the situation that you are in, application virtualization can be a great fix for these issues. There are pros and cons to this, but at the root of it virtualization can provide a reasonable option for those organizations wishing to entertain it.


One of the things to be considered is that you will likely still be running this on an unsupported operating system at some point if you aren’t careful. (Raise your hand if you have ever implemented a temporary solution that has never quite gone away). A good portion of the organizations I speak with about virtualization had never really considered it as an option, but most weren’t against at least setting up a POC. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to set up test system to give this a try, and could save you considerable expense if your apps just won’t work in your Windows 7 or 8 environments. It’s worth keeping it as an option.

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Have you virtualized any of your core applications?

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