Futurestate IT Helps Parks Canada Accelerate Windows 7 Migration with AppRx

Parks Canada uses AppRx to reduce the number of applications in their portfolio through application rationalization; reducing overall Windows 7 migration time and cost.

Toronto, Canada – June 27, 2013 - Futurestate IT, provider of AppRx, a SaaS based Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management solution, is pleased to announce that Parks Canada has turned to AppRx to accelerate their Windows 7 migration. Utilizing AppRx, Parks Canada was able to rationalize their portfolio to trim down the number of applications for testing and remediation, reducing duration and cost of the migration project.

“The analysis provided by AppRx has enabled us to work closely with the application owners to make informed decisions about how best to migrate their applications. Had we tried to tackle this on our own, it would have taken us months to research and compile this information. In just a couple of weeks, we had all the data we needed to engage with the application owners and scope our next project phases.” (Windows 7 Migration Lead).

AppRx was able to provide the following analysis which expedited the Parks Canada Windows 7 migration.

Rationalization Analysis
AppRx provides automated application rationalization and identifies applications that should be retired consolidated or modernized. For Parks, AppRx identified that 50% of the portfolio consisted of redundant applications and 30% were in a critical state of deprecation due to expired support, application age, platform incompatibility, upgradability, etc. The IT team reviewed this data with the application owners in order to determine candidates for rationalization.

Platform Compatibility Analysis
The application compatibility module provides organizations with Windows 7/8 compatibility details for their vendor applications. Parks was able to identify which of their applications were supported by the vendor on Windows 7 ‘as is’ or via an upgrade and could be migrated quickly, saving approximately 73 days of manual testing. Due to the distributed nature of their application portfolio, application readiness reports were generated for each department allowing them to make decisions based on their specific requirements.

Compatibility Testing
Application compatibility testing determines if and how applications can be repackaged, remediated or virtualized in order to run on Windows 7. Through AppRx, Parks discovered that 31% of their vendor applications were not compatible and had no upgrade path to a compatible version. By running these applications through the AppRx compatibility testing module, Parks received reports detailing if and how their applications could be remediated for Windows 7.

Download the Parks Canada Case Study

About Parks Canada
Parks Canada is a Federal Government Agency dedicated to the mission of protecting and presenting the precious natural and cultural treasures of Canada. http://www.pc.gc.ca/

About AppRx
Futurestate IT offers AppRx, the leading SaaS-based Application Rationalization and Portfolio Management solution that provides automated application rationalization, testing and ongoing portfolio health monitoring.

Available via the web, AppRx provides automated rationalization of an organization’s portfolio and identifies applications that should be retired, consolidated or modernized in order to eliminate redundancy and improve portfolio health. AppRx also provides application compatibility testing for Windows 7/8, virtual platforms, Server 2008/12.

For organizations moving to Windows 7, AppRx can dramatically reduce the number of applications in the portfolio; driving down overall migration cost, effort and timelines. AppRx also enables organizations to monitor their portfolio on an ongoing basis to continuously rationalize applications and reduce operational cost and risk.

As a SaaS-based solution, customers can be up and running in minutes and do not require any hardware or software installation, maintenance or support.

Futurestate IT is a Microsoft partner. For more information, visit http://www.futurestateit.com.
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