Microsoft has been planning something big for so long for the windows on mobile devices. But now Microsoft has decided to separate “windows 10 mobile development” from its all other windows 10 developments. They said this change is significant. But after this so long journey, it looks like Microsoft is moving forward to concentrate on its other products.

Because other Smartphones OS like Android and iOS; Windows OS has always been slightly different to use. Other OS user has been seen of not likely to adapt to windows phones. This may be the reason why Windows 10 Mobile Development branch is shifted to “feature2”.

That is the reason may be because there are some talks going on in the Tech Field that Microsoft is working on new mobile OS system called as “Andromeda.” It is not confirmed yet, but it will be more easy to use for the user, and it will also fix some internal issues of windows phones. What does it mean? The existing project of windows 10 mobile devices closed? To get the answer to this question, we need to let the time gets passed and see ourselves. Also If you are interested in madden mobile hack then we have upcoming project on it.

What is Feature2 Branch Then?

Sources tell that Feature2 branch has come to exist for the current windows mobile users. It will support all the existing mobile users with bug fixing and other updates unless or until 2018. For the current windows 10 mobile users, there will not be any update unless 2018. The company is trying to give one last push to the windows 10 mobile devices with its “One Windows CShell.”

Feature2 branch will be working on this for the next whole year to save windows 10 mobile device from getting behind the race. Let’s hope the best the next system update for the mobile.

What about Windows Phone Support?

Support for the existing windows phones will be available in future also; as it is available currently. As far as new windows phones are concerns, we can’t predict whether they are going to be continued or not. But it is sure that Microsoft is having major changes in the whole OS by looking at the future technology. It is often better also, to change accordingly in the market. One windows policy is really a good thought if we look at it first and that may bring windows 10 a new life to survive. Let us hope for the best happens.

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