Application Rationalization

Application rationalization is the process of reviewing your full application inventory, and determining if there are any duplicates, ie. multiple versions of the same application, or different applications performing the same functions, that can be eliminated.


Why do we need Application Rationalization?

As your organization grows, different areas in your organization make different application purchasing decisions that the central IT department may not be aware of.  Over the years, the same software may be purchased by different areas multiple times, or different applications performing similar functions may be obtained.  When you perform application rationalization, you identify those overlaps and streamline your application management process.

The application rationalization process not only benefits existing application inventory, it can also assist in your upcoming purchasing decision.  For example, you had intended to purchase a requirements gathering software.  After checking the rationalized list of application inventory, you realize there is currently already similar software being utilized by another area.  You can then investigate if more user licenses can be leveraged from that installation instead of purchasing new software.

In terms of existing application list, you are reducing the maintenance cost by reducing the number of applications to manage.  In terms of potential software purchase, you can avoid the spending altogether.  Both scenarios can help you reduce overall cost.


How can AppRx Application Rationalization help you?


The application rationalization function allows you to import your list of applications that reside in various different files.

You can centralize the information, and have a whole view of the applications you currently manage on behalf of your organization.

From there, you can determine which application has multiple versions that can be reduced, and which applications have similar functions that can be merged to optimize the number of applications you manage going forward.

Sample Reports


Detailed reports help you pinpoint the duplicates.