Application Virtualization

Application virtualization leverages technology that allows an application to work in its own settings, isolated from the rest of the environment. For example, an application works in an isolated virtualized environment running Windows XP, while the rest of the applications run on Windows 7.


Why do we need Application Virtualization?

After going through the analysis to identify which applications can be upgraded, and which can be migrated, you now have a number of options to handle the remaining applications.

Typically, an application in this category requires certain remediation steps: redevelop, replace, or retire.    If the application is of a critical nature, then you are faced with redevelopment or replacement in order to retain the functionality.  However, another alternative before these steps are required is virtualizing the application.  If the application can operate in a virtualized environment, you may buy some time in terms of redeveloping the application or replacing it with a different application that performs the same functions.  Other use for virtualization includes providing remote access to existing desktops.

The advantage to virtualizing an application is that it costs less than redeveloping or replacing the application.  However, the application risks not being supported by the vendor, and you may run into security issues.

As a result, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages from your organization’s perspective before making a decision on whether or not to virtualize an application.


How can AppRx Application Virtualization help you?


The application virtualization function within AppRx provides you with the ability to test against XenApps and App-V virtualization platforms.

It provides you with detailed compatibility results for each of these platforms, so you can compare and determine the best platform to choose.

Sample Reports


Reports that help you assess your applications before and after virtualization.



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