Application Rationalization needs to be an Ongoing Process

Application portfolio rationalization continues to be a hot topic this year, but some companies still see this as an infrequent or one-time activity.  While an initial rationalization process will certainly provide the biggest savings and reductions, the savings can continue by making rationalization an ongoing IT business process. The application rationalization process can help an organization reduce their application portfolio and simplify their operational and support costs through the following methods: Reduce Version Sprawl Many locally installed utilities such as adobe acrobat reader…

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Reduce Windows 7 Migration Costs – Rationalize!

With support coming to an end on Windows XP within the next 23 months, many companies are getting their plans ready for making the migration.  Whether you are looking at an orchestrated migration or letting the migration happen through regular refresh cycles of workstations and laptops, you still need to address your desktop application portfolio. This is the time when many IT managers are discovering that there are a lot more applications running on the existing desktops than they realized.  From expanding line of business applications to worker productivity utilities to core business…

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Application Rationalization Critical Success Factor: Evaluation Criteria

We have been seeing corporate application portfolios growing at a staggering pace over the past decade.  The buildup of applications, utilities, widgets, plug-ins, and add-ons to our computing environments in business areas are usually allowed to expand unchecked.  Part of the leadership in IT is to assist business areas in keeping their environments manageable and cost effective.  As IT and business architects collect their lists of applications across the corporation, this is a good time to determine what rationalization parameters will be used to make the tough decisions around what…

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Application Rationalization for Windows 7 and Ongoing Portfolio Management

Attention around Application Rationalization has been growing for several years, but IT adopting this as a practice has gathered critical momentum in recent years as organizations are faced with migrating applications from XP to Windows 7 by 2014. Application rationalization is essential in gaining control of the application portfolio. By undergoing rationalization, an organization can identify unused, redundant and out of date applications and trim down the portfolio through application elimination, consolidation and modernization. Request for your copy of the whitepaper to learn how to…

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June 6, 2012 Webinar: Part 1 – Application Rationalization – Eliminate, Consolidate, and Modernize the Application Portfolio

Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Time: 10:00 am EDT   WEBINAR COMPLETED. Part 1 of a 3-part webinar series on Application Management Best Practices for Windows 7 and Beyond. Complimentary, 45-minute webcast hosted by Futurestate IT on how to leverage application rationalization to eliminate, consolidate, and modernize your application portfolio. Application rationalization is one of the first steps towards managing your application portfolio effectively. In this webinar, we covered the importance of setting rationalization criteria, and using these criteria to formulate and execute the…

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