Windows 7 Application Inventory – Centralization

Customers are constantly telling us that they find the task of managing their application inventory information to be a real hassle. There usually isn’t one single application owner so you typically end up having a few different sources of inventory information, and sometimes this can be in different formats as well. The other issue is that ultimately, it’s the deployment and support team members who are on the hook for the day-to-day operation of these applications and resources are usually strained. It makes good sense from a practical point of view to have one copy of your application…

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Futurestate IT AppRx Helps Executives Actively Manage Application Risk and Increase Compliance

Toronto, CANADA – May 31, 2012 – Futurestate IT Inc., an innovative SaaS-based Application Management solution provider, today announces exciting new features have been added to its AppRx product to help IT executives manage application risk easily, and increase application portfolio compliance. As a result of tighter IT budgets over the last decade, many IT organizations have focused their efforts on supporting business functions at the expense of IT maintenance.  This phenomenon has resulted in a growing backlog of out-of-date applications, and created risks of running unsupported…

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Application Portfolio Management for Windows 7 and Beyond

Managing application portfolio is a complex process, and migrating to Windows 7 is just the first step. Request for your copy of the whitepaper, and adopt a formalized approach to migrate to Windows 7, then beyond. First Name * Last Name * Job Title * Organization * Email Address * Phone Number * Inte

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A Strategic Approach to Windows 7 Migration

Futurestate IT has teamed up with Juriba to author this strategic guide, taking a look at the real world challenges faced by organizations involved with Windows 7 migration projects, with a particular focus on preparation ahead of the project. For CIOs, CTOs, and IT directors who want to understand the preparations required to achieve successful, large-scale Windows 7 migrations at minimal cost and risk, this is an important read. Request for your copy today. First Name * Last Name * J

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