Futurestate IT Launches AppRx 3.0 at MMS 2013 with a New Application Rationalization and Migration Dashboard

Toronto, Canada, April 03, 2013-Futurestate IT today announced the launch of SaaS based AppRX 3.0 dashboard with at glance reports and alerts for application migration, rationalization and portfolio management.

“Businesses on the whole have neglected their application portfolios since Y2K which has lead to application bloat and inflated IT operational cost.” said Alex Topitsch, CEO Futurestate IT. He continued to explain that “AppRx 3.0 provides critical application intelligence that allows enterprises to tackle application bloat and significantly reduce their IT costs for both application migration and ongoing portfolio management.”

According to a survey by Harris Interactive, 82% of organizations polled said that monetary losses due to sprawled, unused, unresponsive or crashed applications cost their business anywhere from $10 thousand – $20 million per year.

AppRx 3.0 enables enterprises to identify redundant, unsupported and unused applications that are candidates for elimination, consolidation and modernization. By rationalizing the applications in their portfolio, enterprises are able to reduce operational costs, accelerate migration to new technology platforms like Windows 7/8, reduce downtime and ensure business productivity.

AppRx 3.0 Dashboard and New Features

SaaS platform – Accelerated insight 
SaaS platform requires no hardware/software installation, maintenance or support. Easily integrates with application desktop deployment and inventory management systems.

Application rationalization insight – Reduce the time and cost of migration projects 
Trim the scope of applications for migration with AppRx automated normalization and rationalization analysis. Identify application redundancy by version or function.

Migration readiness indicator – Understand work effort at a glance 
Real time migration status provides insight on applications that are compatible ‘as is’, upgradable or in need of testing. Test applications for Windows 7/8, Windows Server 2008/2012, and virtualization compatibility.

Customized reporting – Leverage empirical data to drive application migration decisions 
Easily configure rationalization and compatibility reports using customizable attributes for each department, user group or application portfolio.

Security alerting – Understand application vulnerabilities and upgrade options 
Security reports identify any application vulnerabilities, the severity of the exposure and the upgrade options to mitigate or eliminate the risk.

Compliance risk alerting – make critical business decisions 
Risk alerts monitor and ensure ongoing compliance with corporate policy regarding age, support status and security risk as application lifecycle changes occur.

AppRx 3.0 launching at MMS Las Vegas on Monday April 8th through to Thursday April 11, 2013
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About Futurestate IT 
Futurestate IT offers AppRx, the leading SaaS-based Application Rationalization solution for enterprises worldwide to reduce application management cost and mitigates overall portfolio risk. Available via the web, AppRx provides automated rationalization of an organization’s portfolio and identifies applications that should be retired, consolidated or modernized in order to eliminate redundancy and improve portfolio health.

For organizations moving to Windows 7/8, AppRx can dramatically reduce the number of applications in the portfolio; driving down overall migration cost, effort and timelines.

AppRx also enables organizations to monitor their portfolio on an ongoing basis to continuously rationalize applications and reduce operational cost and risk. As a SaaS-based solution, customers can be up and running in minutes and do not require any hardware or software installation, maintenance or support.

Futurestate IT is a Microsoft partner. For more information, visit http://www.futurestateit.com

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