Futurestate IT Releases Survey Results on Windows 7 Migration

Toronto, CANADA – September 05, 2012 – Futurestate IT, an innovative SaaS-based Application Rationalization and Management solution provider, today released results of its most recent survey of IT professionals regarding their Windows 7 migration.

With the discontinuation of support for Windows XP scheduled for April, 2014 by Microsoft, organizations must migrate their desktop OS to Windows 7 to ensure that the business critical applications are secure, reliable and that the costs of extended support fees are avoided. The objective of the study was to determine the urgency of Windows 7 migration with IT professionals and the strategies used to deploy the project.

According to the survey results, Windows 7 migrations are being prioritized; 22% have completed the migration project, 45% are in progress, 15% are in early stages, 7% are planning to move to Windows 8 and, in addition, 48% of all respondents are considering virtualization. A vast majority of IT professionals, 75% of the participants expect to accomplish the migration project using their in-house IT resources and 48% are anticipating that the process would take 6 to 18 months.

Application rationalization is an important phase of the migration process; it identifies unused, redundant and out of date applications which can help trim down the portfolio and ultimately reduce the scope and cost of testing and remediating applications. A strong majority, 70% of the survey respondents, say they will utilize application rationalization in their migration project. Of these respondents, 42% also conduct application portfolio rationalization as an ongoing, business as usual process. Ongoing application portfolio rationalization can simplify IT operations, reduce application management cost and mitigate overall portfolio risk.

Just over half of the respondents are using, or are considering using, tools to help with the migration process; for application collection, 58% of respondents are using inventory tools, for application compatibility testing, 58% are using or considering use of automated testing tools. Automated tools can dramatically reduce the effort and duration for migrating applications. When combined with an automated rationalization solution, the scope and cost of migration projects can be significantly reduced. Additionally, better portfolio health can be maintained with ongoing, automated application portfolio rationalization and management.

Overall the survey confirms that there is a sense of urgency in Windows 7 migrations considering that expiry of Windows XP is fast approaching. The majority of organizations are conducting rationalization as a key strategy to trim down the portfolio and reduce the scope of work for migrations. However, while a number of organizations have implemented rationalization as a business as usual process, over half have yet to adopt this best practice. Last, while tools are used by many organizations, just under half are taking a manual approach which may augment timelines and costs and impede the extension of migration efforts into business as usual processes.

What organizations need to focus on is how they can rationalize down the portfolio — not only to reduce the scope and cost of the migration project but to ensure they migrate a healthy portfolio. Organizations also need to leverage the Windows 7 migration event to kick-start business as usual rationalization practices to ensure ongoing portfolio health and IT agility. Automated tools, such as AppRx by Futurestate IT, help accelerate migration projects and provide a seamless transition into business as usual rationalization and portfolio management.

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Futurestate IT is currently running a new survey to explore IT organizations strategic approach to Application Portfolio Management. Futurestate IT will share the results with participants. Take the poll.


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Futurestate IT offers AppRx, the leading SaaS-based Application Rationalization solutions for enterprises worldwide to reduce application management cost and mitigate overall portfolio risk. Available via the web, AppRx provides automated rationalization of an organization’s portfolio and identifies applications that should be retired, consolidated or modernized in order to eliminate redundancy and improve portfolio health.

For organizations moving to Windows 7, AppRx can dramatically reduce the number of applications in the portfolio; driving down overall migration cost, effort and timelines.

AppRx also enables organizations to monitor their portfolio on an ongoing basis to continuously rationalize applications and reduce operational cost and risk. As a SaaS-based solution, customers can be up and running in minutes and do not require any hardware or software installation, maintenance or support.


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