Futurestate IT AppRx Helps Executives Actively Manage Application Risk and Increase Compliance

Toronto, CANADA – May 31, 2012 Futurestate IT Inc., an innovative SaaS-based Application Management solution provider, today announces exciting new features have been added to its AppRx product to help IT executives manage application risk easily, and increase application portfolio compliance.

As a result of tighter IT budgets over the last decade, many IT organizations have focused their efforts on supporting business functions at the expense of IT maintenance.  This phenomenon has resulted in a growing backlog of out-of-date applications, and created risks of running unsupported software, inability to embrace new technology (such as Windows 7), and potential application failure.  For the business, it means potential for diminished productivity due to downtime, loss of competitive edge, and risk of non-compliance.  Many IT executives have an idea of the issue, but no solid understanding of the exact risk exposure they are facing.  The eminent expiration of Windows XP support in April 2014 has prompted a greater urgency for IT executives to fully comprehend the state of their application portfolio.

With the additional features, IT executives can now use AppRx to gain much higher visibility into the status of their application portfolio, for both Windows 7 migration projects as well as ongoing application portfolio management:

  • Quantify portfolio reduction and resource savings upon application rationalization process – The rationalization reports have been augmented with insightful information regarding portfolio reduction after completion of application rationalization process.  It is now possible for IT executives to quantify portfolio reduction based on retiring duplicate application versions, and amalgamating applications serving multiple categories.
  • Quickly determine readiness for Windows 7 migration – A set of executive overview reports easily summarizes the organization’s readiness for the upcoming Windows 7 migration.   By identifying applications that are compatible, need update, or require virtualization, IT executives can now gain a clear understanding of their organization’s readiness for the Windows 7 migration, and the roadmap their teams need to follow to get there.
  • Mitigate risk, and ensure ongoing health of the application portfolio – A new series of executive summary reports allow IT executives to assess the health of their application portfolio.  Calculation of risk rating for number of versions behind, end of support, end of life and frequency of release are all combined into an overall risk rating.  This helps IT executives identify immediately portfolio risk caused by unsupported or out-of-date applications, and ensure the health of their application portfolio can be maintained on an ongoing basis.

“IT executives have been relying on their instincts to get a sense of the health of their application portfolio.  They need an effective and quantifiable way to understand the status of their application portfolio, so they can proactively manage the risks generated by constant IT change events such as operating systems service packs and application release upgrades,” said Alex Topitsch, CEO at Futurestate IT. “That is why we have created executive level reporting within AppRx.  With the introduction of various overview reports, IT executives now have a whole new set of tools they can leverage to understand the status of their portfolio, and make informed and optimal decisions.”

More ways for IT executives to keep their application portfolio healthy.   Join us for a June 6 Webinar: Application Rationalization –  Eliminate, Consolidate, and Modernize the Application Portfolio.

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About Futurestate IT

Futurestate IT is a leader in providing ongoing application portfolio management solutions to organizations worldwide to keep applications current, compatible, and compliant.  Futurestate IT offers AppRx, an innovative application management solution that enables companies to rapidly assess, plan and execute application migrations for Windows 7, Server 2008, IE 8 and 9, as well as determine if and how applications can be virtualized on App-V or XenApp.  Once migrations are completed, AppRx provides risk and compliance assessments, allowing organizations to manage risks and maintain compliance on an ongoing basis.  As a SaaS-based solution, AppRx is quick to deploy, easy to use, and requires no infrastructure or the associated maintenance and support costs.  Futurestate IT is a Microsoft partner, and leverages the Citrix AppDNA solution.   For more information, visit www.futurestateit.com.

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